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MIRoTEC AUSTRALIA (Gill Group International)
'Reflection of Infra-Red Radiation', 'Boosting Blood Circulation'
26 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown, Vic. 3074
Ph. +61 (03) 9005 7650, 0417 388 008 Fax +61 (03) 9436 1088


Heel Veterinary Homotoxicology
- Link between Conventional Medicine & Homeopathics


Photo coming soon  SADDLERY WHOLESALERS PTY. LTD. Prime Listing
We supply saddles (lightweight race and trackwork), whips of all types, girths & surcingles (lightweight, exercise and heavy weight),
saddle cloths and pads, bridles (pvc and leather), reins, nosebands, bits, halters, lead ropes, stall ties etc. 
We also supply approved Helmets and safety vests for riding, trackwork and racing.  We make racing (jockey's) colours
and caps to order.
We also supply all types of horse clothing - rugs, light sheets, anti sweat sheets, neck rugs, combo's, presentation rugs, horse boots, travelling boots, therapeutic boots, tail bandages etc.  We also supply all grooming needs and stable requirements.
14 Carbine Street, Ascot, WA  6104
PO Box 47, Belmont , WA  6984
Ph. (08) 9277 2624   Fax. (08) 9478 2904