Jill Dobkin, MPH, International Nikken Distributor
Specializing in Magnetic and Far-Infrared Technology.
Provides hot stone therapy, massage, and yoga for general well-being.
Providing care for you and your horse.
Canberra, ACT 2603
Ph. (02) 6239 7255
Email: [email protected]


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MIRoTEC AUSTRALIA (Gill Group International)
'Reflection of Infra-Red Radiation', 'Boosting Blood Circulation'
26 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown, Vic. 3074
Ph. +61 (03) 9005 7650, 0417 388 008 Fax +61 (03) 9436 1088

Email: [email protected]
Website: //www.mirotec.com.au
Heel Veterinary Homotoxicology
- Link between Conventional Medicine & Homeopathics