Australian Horse Arenas, please visit our website  AUSTRALIAN HORSE ARENAS Prime Listing   
Can complete all of your equine requirements, from arena construction to roundyards, stables, fencing and surrounds, right down to council applications.
Ph. 0414 77 29 29 , Fax (02) 8824 7260
Email: [email protected]


Capricorn Equine Products, for more information please enter here  CAPRICORN SOILTEX Prime Listing
The arena and working surface that increases performance and maintains soundness.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and used in more than 200 arenas across Australia. 
Celebrating over 10 years serving the Australian Equine Industry.
Phone: Lou and Kim Verwey on 0438 736 260
Email: [email protected]


Logic Australia Pty. Ltd., please view our website  LOGIC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Prime Listing
Rubber matting solutions for Equine, Agriculture and Industry.
If required products can be customised to suit your exact specifications.
Contact: Brian Parker, Mobile 0417 533 377
7-15 Valley Street,
Oakleigh South, VIC 3167
Ph. (03) 9544 2288  Fax (03) 9562 8883
Email: [email protected]