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The Tersk developed at the Stavropol Stud in the northern Caucasus, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, from 1921 onwards from part-bred Arabian and Strelets horses. Only a few Strelets horses remained in the 1920's, including two stallions and various crossbred mares.
The Strelets Stud in the Ukraine crossed pure-bred Arabians with high quality Orlov, Anglo-Arabian, some Thoroughbred and other blood to produce a tall Arabian horse.   After about thirty years the Tersk emerged as a fixed type with the general appearance of the Arabian, elegant paces and standing a little taller.
These days most Tersk horses are bred at the Stavropol Stud. The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Horse maintains the official studbook of the Tersk and provides expert evaluation, breed certification and passports.

refined, elegant
Head: fine head; large, expressive eyes; medium length mobile ears
Neck: high set, medium length
Shoulders: well sloped
Body: strong body; deep chest; wide back; muscular loins
Legs: fine limbs, well defined tendons
Mane and Tail: fine
Color: predominantly light grey or white with a silvery shine
Height: stallions 15hh, mares 14.3hh
Temperament: kind
Qualities: elegant paces, tremendous energy

The Tersk is popular as a sports horse and in the circus.