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Since the 12th century the Swedish Skane province has been noted for its horse breeding. The Archbishop Absalon bred remounts for his cavalry and Charles X of Sweden founded the Royal Stud at Flyinge, north east of Malmo in the mid 17th century to supply horses for the royal stables and the army . East Prussian, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Frederiksborg, Arabian, Thoroughbred and Oldenburg blood was used to produce a quality cavalry horse.
            Before and after World War I Officers of the Swedish cavalry competed very successfully at Olympic level in dressage, show jumping and three-day eventing. After World War II the Swiss army bought many Swedish Warmblood horses, some of them became famous dressage horses.
When mechanisation brought an end to the cavalry horse the Swedish began breeding competition and leisure horses. The already excellent dressage horse was further improved with carefully selected top jumping blood from France, Germany and Holland.
To maintain the excellence of the Swedish Warmblood stallions are graded, assessed of type and conformation and must pass a performance test and veterinary examination. Progeny test results are also available for breeders to select a suitable stallion for their mares.

Variable conformation
Head: usually handsome head; wide forehead; kind, intelligent eyes
Neck: long, elegant
Shoulders: can be fairly straight depending on bloodline
Body: well proportioned body, well proportioned hindquarters
Legs: good, well proportioned limbs
Color: any solid color
Height: 15 to 17hh
Temperament: pleasant, intelligent
Qualities: strong, agile, lively action

The Swedish Warmblood is a  good all-round sports horse and excels at top level international dressage competitions.