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It is believed that the Sorraia is a descendant of the ancient Asian Wild Horse and the Tarpan. Living in the region between the rivers Sor and Raia in Portugal tributes to its name. The primitive looking Sorraia was formerly used for farm and riding work. It is a tough and hardy little horse. The Sorraia is believed to be related to the Garrano pony of northern Portugal.
Some selective breeding has started to preserve the original type.

primitive looking
Head: large, primitive looking head; convex profile, high set eyes, fairly long ears
Neck: long, slender
Shoulders: straight, long; well defined, prominent withers
Body: straight, medium length back; deep, narrow chest; sloping croup; poor hindquarters
Legs: long limbs, lacking in bone, well defined tendons
Feet: hard, sound
Tail: low set
Color: predominantly dun, often black eel stripe down the centre of the back; frequently zebra markings on legs and occasionally on body
Height: 12 to 13hh
Temperament: good, kind
Qualities: very tough; hardy, able to exist in extreme climate and on poor pasture

The Sorraia exists today mainly in small semi-feral herds.