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The Noriker horse originated in the mountain regions of Austria a few thousand years ago and takes it's name from the ancient state of Noricum. It was originally called Pinzgauer Noriker, after a region in the Salzburg providence this heavy horse came from.
The Noriker is a strong, hardy working horse. It's calm temperament and sure footedness make it an ideal horse for the difficult mountain terrain. Due to it's ability for hard work the Noriker became popular throughout Europe. Different strains developed including the Bavarian horse from Southern Germany. Andalusian and Neapolitan horses influenced the various dappled and brindle colours.

sturdy, attractive, light draught horse
Head:straight profile; wide nostrils; medium sized eyes
Neck: medium length
Shoulders: well sloped
Body: strong body; broad, deep chest; medium length, well muscled back
Legs: long, sound limbs; powerful forearms; large, clean joints; well muscled second thigh
Feet: sound
Mane & Tail: thick, curly
Color: brown, chestnut, brindle and grey; white body markings are not acceptable; too many and too large white markings are undesirable
Height: stallions 16 to 17hh, mares 15.3. to 17hh
Temperament: calm
Qualities: strong, hardy, sure

In some parts of Europe the Noriker can still be seen working the land.