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The Nonius originated from the Mezohegyes stud founded by Emperor Josef II in 1784. The Anglo-Norman Nonius Senior was used as foundation sire from 1816 onwards. He was believed to have half-bred English, Norman and Norfolk Roadster blood. During his sixteen years at stud he was mated with Arabian, Lippizaner, Spanish, Turkish and Hungarian mares producing quality horses and was mated back to the best of them. Over time a particular type developed which became known as Nonius.
During the 1860's the introduction of Thoroughbred blood led to two different types of Nonius. A smaller, finer horse suited for riding and a large horse suited for light farm and carriage work. Today with little need for farm work the heavier type is used by Hungarian horsemen for driving at which they excel. Nonius horses wear a breast harness for driving work.

sturdily built
Head: attractive, not very defined
Shoulders: sloping
Body: broad, strong back; strong hindquarters
Legs: sound limbs
Color: predominantly bay, sometimes with some black, brown and chestnut
Height: small type 14.3 to 15.3hh, large type 15.3 to 16.2hh
Temperament: calm, willing
Qualities: active paces, strong

Nonius make good all-round riding horses. The heavier type excels at driving.