Europe - Denmark

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For many centuries heavy horses have been bred on the Jutland Peninsula, Denmark which gave the breed its name. During the 12th century strong, heavy horses were in great demand as war horses. In the Middle Ages the strong, most willing Jutland was popular with the heavily armoured knights. During the 1860's the English Suffolk Punch stallion Oppenheim LXII stood at stud in Denmark. The breed became the dominant influence on the Jutland right down to the chestnut coloring. Cleveland Bay and Yorkshire Coach Horses were also used in the development for the breed. Jutlands were in demand for farm work and pulling heavy loads.
The Jutland was a major influence in the development of the Schleswig a German draught horse. With the start of mechanisation the Jutland's numbers began to decline.

handsome, heavy
Head: heavy, fairly plain head; kind expression
Neck: short, thick
Shoulders: strong, muscular
Body: exceptionally deep body; broad chest; round, muscular hindquarters
Legs: short limbs, a lot of bone, plenty of feather
Mane and Tail: light colored
Color: predominantly dark chestnut
Height: 15 to 16hh
Temperament: most willing nature
Qualities: enormous strength

The Jutland can still be seen at shows and pulling drays in the city and occasionally working the land.