Europe - Denmark

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The Frederiksborg was named after the stud founded by King Frederick II during the 1560's. The stud's foundation stock came from Spanish and Neapolitan horses. It was famous for producing quality horses to the courts of Europe which were elegant, spirited and well suited as a charger for the cavalry and as a mount for work in the manege.
The breed was further developed through the introduction of British half-bred and eastern stallions. The Frederiksborg became one of the most sought after horses in Europe for several centuries. Due to the great numbers of horses exported the stock became seriously depleted and the stud turned to Thoroughbred breeding instead during the first half of the 19th century. As this was not very successful the stud was dispersed in 1871. Thanks to private breeders the Frederiksborg did not disappear. The horse is still bred in Denmark but recent demands for an outstanding sports horse have led to the development of the Danish Warmblood.
The Frederiksborg had a significant influence in the development of the Lippizaner.

Head: fairly plain head; kind, intelligent expression
Neck: short, upright
Shoulders: strong, fairly upright
Body: long, strong back
Feet: good, strong
Tail: high set
Color: chestnut
Height: 15.5 to 16hh
Temperament: intelligent, kind, spirited
Qualities: great for light harness

Frederikborgs are mainly used as light harness horses.