Middle East - Iran

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The Caspian Pony is believed to be a descendant from horses that roamed the area around 3,000BC. Artefacts of that period depict small horses of similar statue. It is even thought that the Caspian could be an early ancestor of the Arabian horse. 
In 1965 about three dozen miniature horses were found in a remote mountainous region of northern Iran near the Caspian Sea, which gave the breed its name. For many centuries the Caspian Pony has lived in the area without being noticed. A careful breeding program was set up to ensure the survival of the breed. The Caspian can now be found in Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

attributes of a miniature horse
Head: short, fine head; vaulted forehead; large eyes; very short ears; fine, tapered muzzle; large, low set nostrils; one extra molar on each side of upper jaw
Neck: graceful
Shoulders: sloping
Body: slim body; straight back
Legs: slim limbs; strong, dense bone; little or no feather at fetlock
Feet: neat, oval, very strong hooves
Tail: high set
Color: bay, grey, chestnut; occasionally white markings on head and legs
Height: 10 to 12hh
Temperament: good, kind
Qualities: extremely hardy, great speed, endurance, good natural action, tremendous length of stride - can keep up with a horse at walk, trot and canter

The Caspian makes a good riding pony. It has a remarkable jumping ability despite its small size.