Eurasia - Russia

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The Budenny was named after a distinguished cavalry officer with the legendary Red Cavalry, Marshall S.M. Budenny. During the 19th century Thoroughbred stallions were crossed with Don and Chernomor mares to develop a sound army remount with great endurance. At the Rostov Military Stud Farm carefully selected mares were bred to the best Anglo-Don stallions. Unusual for Russian horse breeding at the time, brood mares were stabled in winter and fed well to ensure that they produced better and healthier foals. The excellent action of the Thoroughbred and the robust constitution of the Don was a good combination producing an outstanding, willing horse suitable for riding and light draught work.
In 1949 the Budenny was officially recognized as a breed with the first studbook  published in 1951. Independent specialists from the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Horse regularly update the stud book and provide expert evaluation, breed certification and passports. Most Russian horses are hot or freeze branded on the saddle patch for easier identification and to deter thieves.
As the Russian cavalry was officially disbanded a few years later, more Thoroughbred blood was added to produce a breed suitable for pleasure riding and competitions. Budenny horses have attracted interest from outside Russia and are being exported in increasing numbers.

Head: well proportioned head; straight or slightly concave profile; bright, intelligent eyes; alert ears
Neck: long, straight
Shoulders: fairly well sloped, high withers
Body: comparatively heavy body; short, straight back; good depth through girth; long croup
Legs: fine, straight limbs; tendency to small joints; fairly weak hindlegs
Feet: well shaped
Color: predominantly chestnut, also bay and brown, occasionally striking golden sheen
Height: 16hh
Temperament: good, willing
Qualities: endurance, agility, energetic, multi-talented, great action

The Budenny is used as a general purpose riding horse and is successful in dressage, show jumping, endurance and cross-country riding and in steeplechasing.