North Africa - Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

Barb Horse
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Barb Horses originated on the coastal areas of North Africa in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, formerly known as Barbary Coast which gave the breed its name. There are no documents showing any of the Barb's early breeding. One theory suggests that the Barb Horse is related to the Akhal-Teke the horse of the Turkmen.
In the 8th century Islam spread to many parts of Europe with the Muslim army introducing Barb Horses to many areas. Consequently the Barb became one of the most influential horses in the development of most equine breeds. In Spain it played an important role in the development of the Andalusian which in turn influenced many other breeds. At the end of the 14th century one of the most famous Barb Horses Roan Barbary belonged to the English King Richard II. King Henry III imported Barb Horses into England in the 16th century and during the 17th century the breed had a significant influence in the development of the Thoroughbred. The Barb's influence can also still be seen in the American Mustang and the Argentine Criollo.
In modern times the most well known Barb Horses were ridden by the Spahis who originally came from Turkey and were assigned into the regiments of the Tunisian and Algerian cavalry when the French occupied Tunis and Algiers. 
Despite its enormous influence on most horse breeds the Barb is much less known than the Arabian, probably because it lacks the appearance and refinement of the Arabian but it shows the same great qualities.

narrow head, convex profile
Neck: arched
Shoulders: flat; well defined withers
Body: short, strong body; sloping hindquarters
Legs: strong, slender limbs
Feet: narrow, hard
Tail: low set
Color: predominantly grey, bay, brown and black
Height: 14.2 to 15.2hh
Temperament: kind
Qualities: great stamina, endurance, sure footed, very fast over short distances, able to thrive on meagre rations

Barb Horses are popular in North African festivals recalling the military past of those countries.