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Since the first half of the 19th century France has produced the Anglo-Arabian horse. The Arabian stallion Massound and the possibly Turkish stallion Aslam were imported from Syria and crossed the imported English Thoroughbred mares Daer, Comus Mare and Selim Mare. Their daughters Delphine, Clovis and Danae` became the foundation stock of the first French breed of sport horse.
The Anglo-Arabian is a more substantial horse than the Thoroughbred. An Anglo-Arabian can result from various combinations, an Arabian stallion and a Thoroughbred mare or vice versa, breeding a Thoroughbred to an Anglo-Arabian, an Arabian to an Anglo-Arabian and an Anglo-Arabian to an Anglo-Arabian. A number of variations in appearance, size and temperament occur depending on the amount of Arabian blood. Arabian stallions and Thoroughbred mares produce the biggest horses. The best horses inherit the speed and scope of the Thoroughbred and the stamina and endurance of the Arabian.
        The Anglo-Arabian used to be popular with the French military and as a general riding and competition horse. It has been used to produce the Selle Franšais. Before the development of the Selle Franšais the Anglo-Arabian was highly successful in International competitive disciplines, especially show jumping and dressage.

Variable conformation, leaning toward Thoroughbred
Head: intelligent head; straight profile; expressive eyes; alert ears
Neck: long
Shoulders: sloping, withers more prominent than the Arabian
Body: short, strong body, sturdier than Thoroughbred; deep chest; fairly long hindquarters
Legs:  good, sound limbs
Feet: strong, well shaped
Color: mostly chestnut, bay or brown
Height: 15.3 to 16.3hh
Temperament: good, intelligent
Qualities: stamina, speed, endurance

Recently the French Anglo-Arabian enjoyed great success at the top level of three-day eventing. It is a popular general riding horse.