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The Australian Pony is a breed of ponies since the 1970s in Australia. It has been influenced by the British Riding Pony, the Thoroughbred and Arabian bloodlines.The Australian Pony is mainly used by children's and for small adult riders

Not exceeding 14 hands high
Head: Head should show quality, with alert well proportioned ears, flat forehead, large dark well-filled eyes, with open nostrils. The head should be set on a well defined gullet.
Neck: Neck should be slightly crested with good length of rein and no sign of coarseness.
Shoulders: Shoulders should slope back to well defined withers. The shoulders should show no trace of heaviness or coarseness and the chest should be neither too narrow nor too wide.
Back: Back should be strong and the loins well coupled with deep girth and well ribbed.
Hind Quarter: The hind quarters should be well rounded and showing good proportionate length of croup.
Tail: The tail should be well set on, perfectly straight and gaily carried.
Legs: Bone should be quite flat, showing strength without coarseness. Joints should be well shaped and proportionate to the pony.           
Cannon bones should be short and straight and pasterns of moderate slope and with proportionate length.
Hoofs: The hooves should be strong, neat and well shaped.
Gait: Action should be smooth showing free flexion of joints without exaggeration. The stride should be of good length, straight and true.
Genral: The pony should have good presence and should show quality, character, alertness and good ground coverage. The feet should be well placed, standing square and true.

Ponies are popular in many parts of Australia. They make good riding ponies for children and small adults.

Photo supplied by - Coming Soon - Victoria