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Photo supplied by Haflinger Horse Breeders Association of Tyrol - Austria

The Haflinger Pony is named after the village of Hafling in southern Tyrol, Austria where it was first bred hundreds of years ago. Local horses and ponies were crossed with Arabians to upgrade their quality and performance. All Haflingers trace back to the half bred stallion El Bedavi XXII. Inbreeding produced a small, hardy, powerfully built pony suitable for the mountain regions. Haflingers were in great demand as farm and riding horses and as pack ponies. The breed is popular for its longevity and has been imported to a number of countries including Switzerland, Germany and the United States.
In Austria stallions are owned by state studs in order to
maintain the quality of the breed. Horses entered into the stud book receive the brand mark of an edelweiss, an alpine flower, which has a H placed at the centre.

elegant, harmonious
Head: refined head; slightly dished profile; large eyes with alert expression; small ears; large, wide nostrils
Neck: medium length
Shoulders: sloping
Body: strong, deep body; fairly long back; muscular loins; well shaped croup; powerful hindquarters
Legs: strong limbs; clean, defined joints; broad knees; powerful hocks; long pasterns
Feet: excellent, hard, round
Mane and Tail: flowing; flaxen colour
Color: chestnut
Height: 13.2 to 14.3hh
Personality: good natured, friendly, willing
Qualities: strong, hardy, sure-footed, very active paces, longevity

Haflingers are excellent riding ponies. They are well suited for dressage, show jumping, western and trail riding. They go well in light harness and combined driving and can be trained to work in therapeutic riding programs.


Photo supplied by Haflinger Horse Breeders Association of Tyrol - Austria