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Fjord Horse
Photo supplied by the Fjord Horse Promotional Group Australia - Victoria

The Fjord is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. It s believed to be related to the Przewalski, the primitive Asiatic Wild Horse, but its exact origin is unclear. The Vikings used Fjord horses as their war mounts. Spending many centuries in mountainous terrain the Fjord developing into a strong, sure footed horse, well adapted to the severe weather conditions needing very little care. It proved to be the perfect pack horse on mountain trails and well suit for light draught work on hilly farms. The first Fjord horse stud book was published in 1910.
During the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, the Fjord horse along with two other native breeds, drove many winning competitors and celebrities to different venues. The Fjord horse is very popular in Denmark and can also be found in Germany and England.

attractive, stocky built
Head: pony type, well defined, medium size head; straight or slightly dished face; broad, flat forehead; large, wide set eyes; small, well set apart ears; small muzzle, lighter in colour than rest of coat
Neck: muscular, crested; well defined withers, set lower than most breeds
Body: deep, strong body; strong coupling; good depth through girth; well sprung ribs; broad, strong loins; well muscled croup
Legs: short, strong limbs; good joints; short cannons; a lot of bone
Feet: hard, sound, black
Mane and Tail: unusual colouring - black hair in the centre, silver hair on the outside; stiff mane; fairly low set tail
Color: most shades of dun, black dorsal eel stripe, often zebra markings on legs
Height: 13 to 14hh
Temperament: kind, willing
Qualities: adaptable, extremely sure footed, very strong, tremendous stamina

The Fjord makes an excellent driving and general purpose riding horse. It is extensively used in riding programs for the disabled. It is also a popular mount for tourists along the West Country Fjords of Norway.