Agistment Guidelines
  Terms, legislation, agreements, contracts etc.
Ancestors of the Horse
Early Horses
Condition Scoring and Weight Estimation of Horses
  Guideline on how I can estimate my horse's weight , methods of estimation
Common Horse Breeds
Information of well known horse breeds including history, origin, characteristics, etc.
Feeding Horses in Australia
  A Guide for Horses Owner & Managers by RIRDC
Guidelines for the Welfare of Horses
  Code of Practice: Welfare, Land Transport of Horses, horses at horse hire establishments, rodeo school livestock, riding centres and boarding stables
Guidelines for Horse Health & Management
  Equine Influenza, Diseases of Horses Notifiable, Scoring and Weight, Feed Budgets, Feeding horses & nutrition, Grazing, Pastures, Horses and Bushfires, Floods & Draughts, Founder (Laminitis), Leptospirosis in Horses, worm control, Vaccination against tetanus and strangles, etc.
Horse Industry Guidelines 
  Occupation & Education Tasks, Duties, Training, Work Condition, Employment Conditions, Courses, Apprenticeship, Earnings, Employment Opportunities, etc.
Horse Conformation
  Description of a horse's body
Horses of the World
Information of less known horse breeds including history, origin, characteristics, etc.
Horse Branding / Brand Marks Identifications
Search for the origin of your horse by brand marks, foaling year, general info, etc.
Horse Colours, Markings & Common Defects
General information
Horse Stud Books
Rules, registration, statistics, stallions at stud, horse history; name search, foaling year, sires, dams, etc.
Horse Terminology
General terms
Horse Racing History
Trainer profiles, Jockey profiles, Horse profiles, Awards,  Premierships, terminology, etc.

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