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 25 Aug 2011 Seeking info on a TB mare.  

I am seeking info on the whereabouts of a bay TB mare "She's No Yemon". She was last trained by Will Savage in Alice Springs in May 2009. She would be 7YO now, and is a big, good looking, bay mare with no white markings. Her brands are L with another L over it on the near side, and 7 over 4 on the off side. This mare may have been sent to a station in Qld with other mares to breed stock horses. Any info at all would be appreciated. Thanks


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 21 Aug 2011 Barefoot Trimming Clinic 9 Oct  

Learn to Barefoot trim and improve your horse's hoof health, preventing tendon, joint and associated back problems in this 1 day intensive clinic onn 9th October 2011. Dr Melanie Quick has been a farrier for 17 years, an Equine vet focussing on lameness for 15 years and an animal Chiropractor for 6 years and is passionate about promoting equine soundess and giving owners the opportunity to become proficient trimmers so they too can improve and preserve their horse's hoof health. Her trimming method is simple and easy to learn. Contact Janelle for clinic details before 15th Sept.


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 07 Aug 2011 Agistment needed URGENTLY  

We are looking for a place to agist our horse. We would ideally like somewhere close in the doonside/blacktown area but are willing to travel no more than 30 mins away. We are looking for somewhere that is no more than $25 a week but will consider if it's a little bit more than that. We need somewhere soon as where we are currently the people have to move and therefore the horses have to leave aswell.


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 28 Jul 2011 Please help me find Fantasia  

Have you seen Fantasia AKA Baby. Valleyfox Swarve Dancer. She is a blue/grey and white Pinto Mare. Born 1997, approx 15.1hh 14yo mare part Arab with pretty Arab features. Unusual crooked blaze that starts like a tear drop half way down her forehead goes over the off side nostril but not the near side and has a full white throat. she has a black square type spot above the off side white nostril and another one on her near side back leg above the fetlock. This mare was bred by me and i owned Her for the first 7 years of her life and sold her from Greenvale vic to a Kat from wangaratta. In l


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