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 13 Jul 2014 Tundra  

I have a free listing to post on your site it is quite desperate as I do wish Tundra to go to a good home were he will prove himself worthy of his line.. please can you help me thank you so much if you can Kindest regards Sandra Finn.. Tundra Tundra grey gelding born /2002- red turned grey,black and white points, now 12.5 hh aprox -12 years old -green broken in-only ridden 6 times ever but was very good / never floated -ok hooves -never shod -great worming -frisky at first settles down very quiet after 1/2 hour to have anything done- not ridden for 6 years approx Sired stallion Kayla


Breed:  Welsh Pony              Price:  $500.00

Contact:  Send user an email   /   Ph.  0429473591    (New South Wales)

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